Miss Monochrome

Miss Monochrome
Good Morning everyone I hope you are having a good day so far! I am just giving you a little outfit inspiration for possibly new year or any occasion you like but as Christmas is so near (only 1 day away eek!) I hope you all have a look sorted! This look is really chic and classy and so easy to recreate for yourself. This outfit actually has a trick to it. The top has a peplum bottom so over the skirt it makes it look exactly like a expensive dress! The thing about it is you can wear to the two pieces separately or together and they will be gorgeous! I have added minimal accessories because I think too many will take away from the look. The earrings and shoe tie together with their glitter and diamonds. The three bracelets are Alex and Ani bracelets and they are simple but so gorgeous! The rings add a bit of colour and the pale pink one actually starts the little bursts of pale pink in the look. I have chosen a pale pink lipstick by L’Oreal with pale pink lip liner to add a little colour instead of a nude lip which would have a been a bit bland or a red that would be too heavy. I have  an image of a pinned back hair style just with the sides clipped to the back with this bow which I think would be cute. Lat but not least the clutch bag and nails match the skirt so everything ties in with another piece!
I hope you all enjoy my Miss Monochrome post and have a good day everyone!
Happy Fashions Dolls

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