Beauty Sleep In Style

Hello everybody I hope you are all well and are having a good week! Christmas is nearly upon us so I hope you are all prepared and aren’t stressing too much about gifts, guests and your looks for the all the parties! Todays post is another feature post all about Beauty Sleep and a Pinterest challenge held by who are based in New York. Their Mattresses are online and can be delivered to your doorstop in a mini fridge size box despite the size you have ordered! (Its true Ashton Kutcher tweeted a photo of his delivery on his doorstep!) They are having a contest on their Pinterest page to celebrate January 3rd being The Festival Of Sleep (why is that not everyday?) featuring different styles of beauty sleep and your looks for a good nights sleep!

So first of all I will tell you a little bit about! Casper make quality, comfortable mattresses for a good cosy nights sleep with their special made mattress using the most comfortable materials which support you and ensure a good nights sleep. They are based in New York and are a start up company and already have customers like Ashton Kutcher as I mentioned and are really taking off! You can shop their mattress range here by clicking the link https://casper/mattresses


I have done some shopping around for some of the most fashionable and affordable nightwear online so here are my favourites

Debbie Lace Trim Crop & Shorts Set Lea Donut tshirt and grey marl jogger lounge setWillow Flawless Tshirt and Runner Short Set

These nightwear sets from are so cute and fun without being childish or overly sexy. This Debbie Shell Pink Lace Trim Contrast Shorts and Top are really pretty and cute and are perfect for summer nights when the weather is warmer and if you wanted to you could wear the shorts during the day to the beach or the top as a crop top! Its the same with the third set Willow Flawless Tshirt and Runner Short Set the top can be worn as an everyday top as well as a pyjama top. I like the Flawless word on it as well because why not feel like Beyonce going to bed instead of just during the day? (Be your own Beyonce ladies!). The middle set called Lea Donut Tshirt And Grey Marl Jogger Lounge Set is a bit more practical at the moment with actual trousers instead of shorts for the colder weather and its not boring or childish. Its perfect for a cosy night in.

Some people like to have other night pieces like an eye mask, earplugs, slipper socks etc for a good cosy night of beauty sleep so here are a few things I found online.


Face Mask , Minus 417 Facial Night Cream, Slipper Socks.

Everyone always has a routine they do before they go to bed wether it be drinking a healthy tea before going to sleep, reading a book, yoga etc etc everyone has a different one! I personally have developed a little routine since living in Galway and it goes like this:

  • 30-60 minute workout
  • A cup of Camomile tea
  • Remove my make up
  • Change into nightwear and bed.

It sounds bit short but its just simple everyday things I do. The most important thing for me is to remove my make up because otherwise your skin will dry out with the make up still on while you sleep and then you wake up the next morning with an obviously dry face and a weird make up look.



I always use my Garnier Cleansing Water to remove my make up as is it gentle and doesn’t require rinsing or washing and does the job just right! I did a post on this a while ago and you can find it by searching Garnier Cleansing Water Review in the search bar on the blog! You should always emote your make up at night to have a fresh and clean face in the morning. You also don’t end up with make up marks on your sheets! I always moisturise before going to bed as well just to make sure my skin is staying hydrated. I use Vaseline Moisturiser Cocoa Butter scent. I use this in the morning too just ensure all day moisture.

The camomile tea is so relaxing before you go to bed. Because it doesn’t contain caffeine you aren’t getting energy before you go to sleep and it doesn’t make you need the bathroom like normal tea does at night. I drank it religiously every day in Galway to try and be a bit healthier and some people think it tastes odd but I like it. The nicest one I find is Twining’s Camomile Tea. 

Bedroom Corner

Everyone has their own little nighttime routine and thats just a little description of mine! The best thing about a good nights sleep if your bed. If you have a good mattress, nice sheets and fluffy pillows then you are good to go! My favourite good nights sleep is when you have fresh washed bed sheets on your bed because they are all fluffy and clean. My bed in Galway wasn’t the best to be honest I had a really creaky mattress and the springs were broken in it! (I dont think I want to know how it happened!) so it was a bit uncomfortable! Your bed definitely makes a difference to how you sleep. I only have a single bed myself and Im used to it so whenever I end up in a double bed its so nice to have loads of space. If your mattress isn’t right then it can play havoc with your back. Some people like hard mattress and other can’t stand them but the main thing is that you are comfortable and its not affecting you. So these mattresses from will be well worth a look at if you are thinking of getting a new one!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope you all found a little inspiration for you bed time routine! If you have questions about any products in the post then please ask me! Dont forget you can ask me any questions or advice you like on my Tumblr page and via my email address in my contacts page. Make sure to take a look at and look out for their competition over on Pinterest!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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