Miss Selfridge Sparkle

Miss Selfridge Sparkle
Here is todays outfit inspiration post for you guys featuring yesterdays Miss Selfridge silver sequin midi skirt! I spotted this yesterday for my small outfit post in my Invaluable post and I love it. Its perfect for Christmas with its sparkle detail and because its a midi skirt its a nice shape and fit. Especially if you’re looking for a sparkly dress or look for christmas without getting something too short or too long. I have put this silver shine camisole top, also from Miss Selfridge, instead of the black top I used yesterday I think the white goes better because its less heavy with the sequins colour. These shoes from Boohoo.com go perfectly because they have the embellishment detail which is different from a plain black shoe and balances it out. The jewellery is a bit different too because I went for gold based pieces to match the top of the skirt and the gold clutch bag. I like the aqua colours in them as well because they add a pop of colour and go really well with the sparkle of the skirt. The watch is white which ties in with the white camisole top. The make up I have kept simple and matched it with the watch. I know that sounds a bit odd but the face of the watch is a rose pink colour so I think that pale pink lipstick and liner are best for this outfit. I think nude lips dont stand out enough and red is too much never mind getting to darker colours! This hairstyle is gorgeous for this look too because its a classic look and its simple but pretty.
I hope you found some Christmas inspiration with this post and I hope you are prepared for Christmas and not stressing too much!
Happy Fashions Dolls

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