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Hey Everybody I hope you are all having a good week! I have been dying of a cold the last three days so I have literally been sneezing every two minutes any on top of that my new workout routine has destroyed my muscles so Im not even human at this point Im just an aching sneezing shell! Anyway this post is another post that is to do with a particular website and this is one is called
and they are a live auction website that I came across recently!


Owning five watches myself and always involving them in my outfit posts for you guys I said yes and here it is! To start off I will give you guys just a quick introduction as to what are all about. Invaluable are online auction website that have a wide range of antiques, collectables, arts and even estate sales. You can sign up to find items that you are collecting or just to see what is there. They have online bidding so you can state your price for an item and go from there!



So as I stated earlier I have five watches myself and compared to my past history thats not many! I love a nice watch. They are such a simple thing for finishing an outfit off. My five are two pink, two gold and one silver because then I have a pair for every occasion! I fell in love with watches in Primary School when I got my first wrist watch which was a denim strap with a purple face and I wore this and the same four bracelets religiously for five years until I started secondary school when the strap was all frayed and needed replacing. Around this time my nanny bought me a really pretty watch for my birthday and every year we would go into town and get a new one for two or three years so I had a bit of a collection going! My latest five are a mixture of Newlook and Asos and then my little silver square watch was one my nanny found in town one day just sitting in the pavement and she brought it home and gave it to me. If you follow my Instagram you will have seen all of these watches at some point or another. I basically can’t go out without wearing a watch.

A watch is such a simple or extravagant thing which can make any outfit complete. You have such a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes, colours, makes, materials, features, designs, functions, the list goes on and on. I know I haven’t done any Polyvore posts in a little while but if you look at a few of them in my Outfit Inspiration Category you will notice that I have a watch in virtually every post because they really are just the piece that sums up an outfit and ties in all the jewellery pieces together. Here are two I found on the Invaluable website. You can also shop the pieces by clicking the link here

Gents Rolex Yellow Gold Oyster Perpetual Daydate Watch

Gentlemens Rolex Yellow Gold Oyster Perpetual Daydate

Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin Silver Mens Watch

I have chosen two mens watches here and I will explain why I have chosen a mens watch for this piece. In the email that was sent to me by the people at there was a line that said “I personally love a mens watch on a females figure” and I agree. I think that because we have boyfriend coats, boyfriend jeans etc etc why not wear a mens watch as well! I think it is a really cool statement piece to have a simple outfit with a slightly oversized mens watch on your wrist just to switch it up a little bit. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your accessories!

Here is just a little outfit inspiration idea for one way to wear these beautiful watches

Black Ribbed Panel One Shoulder Top

Black Ribbed Paneled One Shoulder Top –

Miss Selfridge Sequin Midi Skirt, Silver

Silver Sequin Midi Skirt – Miss Selfridge

Boohoo ALexis Embellished Pointed Court Shoe

Alexis Embellished Pointed Court Shoe – 

This look is perfect for christmas and wearing one of these watches because it features both of these watches colours and has christmas sparkle! This gorgeous sequin skirt from Miss Selfridge brine the outfit to life with its all over sequins and its elegance. The watches go perfectly with this piece because they too stand out with their gold and silver colours and against the black of the top and the little extra sparkle on the shoes they are sure to stand out making you the brightest star at the Christmas party! (I know that sounds really corny but is true!). Especially since these watches are mens watches they are sure to catch the eye on a female wrist. I will do a polyvore post on this look tomorrow in full so you can all get a better idea on how to wear this look!

This I hope you all enjoyed todays post in association with and found some inspiration on how to fashionably time keep during the day! I hope you are all well and as for me Im back to my blanket!

Happy Fashions Dolls


2 thoughts on “Find Time at

  1. Cristiana says:

    I agree with you…watches definitely complete most outfits and they tend to get quite addictive! I got my first one as a present for my 15th birthday and since then I’m hooked! And now I have five of them as well :))
    really nice post 😀

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