This Weeks Must Haves

Hello everybody I hope you are having a good week so far and are all getting prepared for Christmas (yes I used the C word) and the New Year. This post is just a quick post about my these items I found on the website yesterday and I think after my little browse my bank balance may be in danger.

Black Waffle Textured Balloon Midi Skater Skirt

Black Waffle Textured Balloon Midi Skater Skirt

Black Grid Check Pencil Skirt

Black Grid Check Pencil SkirtBlack Premium Strappy Diamond Emellished Playsuit

Black Premium Strappy Diamond Embellished Playsuit

First up out of my two categories for this post are these two skirts and this playsuit. This first skirt is just gorgeous. Its called Black Waffle Textured Balloon Midi Skater Skirt and its is just stunning. It was definitely love at first sight and I am seriously holding myself back from buying it so much! I think it would be perfect for an evening occasion or anything you wanted really. Im not particularly mad on skirts so when I find a skirt I absolutely love I know its perfect!

The next skirt called Black Grid Check Pencil Skirt is also really nice. I bought a top yesterday before working which is the exact same as this skirt and I think it would be nice to have them as a set and keep them together like they belong (I know I sound mad but when you have co-ordinates you have to have the other half). Its also different from just a plain black pencil skirt that everyone wears at some point in their life either to work, dress up, occasion, etc etc.

The third item is the Black Strappy Diamond Embellished Playsuit which I love because its so chic and sophisticated without being too loud or out there. It is just so elegant looking and would suit any type of occasion. Just out on a kimono, fur coat, cropped jacket, coat and you are good to go!

White Cut Out Pointed Boots

White Cutout Pointed Boots

Black Studded Double T-Bar Strap Pointed Heels

Black Studded Double T-Bar Strap Pointed Heels

Stone Patent Multi Strap Studded Pointed Heels

Stone Patent Multi Strap Studded Pointed Heels

Here is where I have a major problem going on because I am having an internal battle as to which ones I should get and I honestly love all three equally and don’t know what to do (Let me know what you think I should do!). The first pair are a pair of cut out boots and I think they are really cool and a bit different so they would stand out a bit more. I don’t own a pair of white boots and the only pairs I do own are my frequently worn tan chelsea boots and my black heeled ones on nights out so I think these would make a change!

These next two are to die for. These black ones are just gorgeous and so chic and they look like a designer pair of heels and really expensive but not anywhere near the designer price tag! I love the double straps and studs because they are different from a regular ankle strap sandal heel which were very in this year and they are just really chic.

The second pair are the exact same as the black but in a nude/stone colour. I figure that you should always have black shoes so they go with everything, nude shoes to break up the black and white shoes to add glamour to a look and other colours just happen to make their way into your wardrobe. So these shoes are available in black and stone/nude and I want them both so badly!

If you guys have any advice or ones that you like more than the rest let me know because I love hearing from you all! I am also preparing a few posts later in the week that feature particular websites that got in touch but more on that later! I will speak to you soon and I hope you all enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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