Casual Boohoo Look

Casual Boohoo Look
Hello everyone I hope you are all having a good Tuesday! Here is todays outfit post which features all products and pieces to create an easy, casual look for Winter before all the snow, frost, ice and general Winter weather kicks in fully! Who doesn’t love a good knitwear piece? Whether its a chunky knit or not who doesn’t look forward to snuggling up in a warm cosy knit during Winter? I know I do! So this is one way to wear a knitwear piece but you can wear it a million different ways all through the year! I recently bought a cable knit cardigan which I am virtually living in the last few days! If you follow my instagram you will have seen this piece already. These boots are just amazing! I know they’re not exactly perfect for Winter with a massive chunky heel but for those of you who don’t get Winter like we do in Ireland these are perfect for you! Put on these frilled socks so the frill is just at the top of the boot and you have a cute little detail in your look. This look is going for a few darker colours for Winter like the jeans, the bag, the boots, the socks and the beanie but with the right accessories you can make it look like any time of the year. The gold and pearl accessories add some chic to it and the hat has jewel detailing which adds some bling to the look. I just added the travel cup for fun as I love a hot chocolate especially in Winter on the go so why not bring your own!
I hope you all enjoyed this look!
Happy Fashions Dolls

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