Garnier Cleansing Water Review

Good afternoon everyone I hope you are enjoying Monday even if it is the start to the week! Todays post is just a review of Garnier  Micellar Cleansing Water which I finally picked up for myself the other day. I heard about this product a couple of months ago from a few friends and have seen a few good reviews of it since then. I purchased mine from Boots Chemists but I know they are also available in any other big chemists and also Primark/Pennys. So I hope you enjoy my little review!



This product has been described to me as amazing, the best, a must have, unreal etc etc and after using it now myself I can honestly say I have to agree! It is actually so easy to use and removes your make up in one go! Its hypoallergenic which means that it isn’t harmful to sensitive skin and doesn’t leave your face feeling odd. I have slightly dry skin myself and a lot of cleaners require rinsing and washing your face after use and then your skin feels a bit tight and you have to moisturise but not with this. It doesn’t dry out your skin or leave it damp. Its described as cleansing water but its not messy at all! You literally need a few drops on a cotton wool pad and you can remove all your make up in one go. It can be used on your face, eyes and lips too. It says on the bottle that it can be used up to two hundred times which means no buying make up remover for a while. Its a four hundred millilitre bottle so it will last a good while and instead of wipes and caps and all the usual fuss of cleansing bottles this one is actually simple. Its just an easy flip up lid and there you go. If you haven’t tried this product yet I think you definitely should because its really good value and does exactly what it says on the label!





I hope you all enjoyed my little review and if you have any comments or questions feel free to ask me!

Happy Fashions Dolls



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