Christmas Wish List



Hey everybody! After a few weeks without internet yet again I am back to give you all a little inspiration for Christmas coming up! Starting off my return to online life is my Christmas Wish List / Birthday list! My birthday is in seventeen days so this sort of counts as my list for that too. Here are my main fashion pieces from various different stores that I have had my eye on for a couple of weeks that I am hoping Santa will be kind enough to bring me!

First up is my list of shoes which no matter how many pairs I have I still don’t have the right ones! So kicking it off (Sorry!) is my first pair is a pair which I have included in a good few polyvore outfit posts during the summer by called Clara Black Strappy Heeled Sandals and I just love them so much. I basically fell in love with them the first time I saw them online! They are so simple and elegant which I love about outfit pieces because I love things that can be dressed up or down.



Secondly I have a pair from called Tammy Snake Two Part Heels in White but I couldn’t find a picture of them because I think they are out of stock! So I will move onto my two pairs of Boots both from and I know what your thinking why is she asking for Newlook things when she works there but the thing is we don’t get everything that is online and also we don’t get a lot of size 3 shoes in so I miss out sometimes! The first pair are called Black Studded Panel Chunky Shoe Boot and they are so cool. They’re different to just an ordinary black boot and I like the studs in it because they add a bit of grunge to a look or they just add some interesting detail to a simple everyday look. The thing about boots like these two pairs are because the heel is a block anyone can wear them. There are some people who try and wear really high stiletto heels and they’re wobbling all over the place so stick to what is practical!


The second pair of boots is a plain black pair because I don’t have an everyday pair of heeled boots except for my brown chelsea boots and because they are brown they don’t go with everything so I have bee trying to find a pair of simple black boots for ages! These Black Chunky Sole Pointed Shoe Boots are perfect! They have a heel but not a skinny one, they’re black so they go with everything and they are just what I was looking for!



Next up we have coats. Coats are a good gift for christmas because (especially here in Ireland) Winter lasts a long time and until about mid March it is a bit nippy out! So I searched my favourite stores and found three coats that I am just in love with. The first one is from and is called Emila Notch Neck Wool Look Coat and I like the fact that its simple and can be used during Spring as well when the wardrobe colours start to get a bit lighter and it adds some colour in winter too.



The second is from and I think it is so cute and perfect for dressing up. Its called a Petites Cream Pea Coat and its my favourite coat. I think it has a sixties feel to it and I can just picture all they ways I could wear it. I absolutely adore it and it is one of my favourite pieces from my list! I love how simple and chic it is but at the same time is really versatile.



The last of my coat selection is a piece by Michelle Keegan for and I love her collection. She has such a chic, elegant style and it is just the prettiest collection for dressed up pieces. If you haven’t seen her pieces yet do have a look because they are gorgeous! I had a post about it a while ago so you can see my favourites from her collection on here too. This coat is called Michelle Keegan Faux Fur Trim and its really nice. Its got everything its, warm, its a colour instead of plain black, its got faux fur and its good for Winter. It can be put ontop of any outfit wether your dressed up or down without the hassle of trying to match a colour. Here is the lady herself modelling it!


Finally my last section of my list is dresses and playsuits. There are only one of each and I absolutely need them both. They are such beautiful designs and I just fell in love with them at first sight. The first one is a Satin Bandeau Playsuit from Miss Selfridge and it is just the most elegant playsuit I have ever seen. (I am banking on this being given to me for my birthday so I can wear it for the celebrations!) Its just so pretty and I have never owned a playsuit before so I feel this is a good one to start with!



The dress I have added to my list is another piece from’s Michelle Keegan collection and its her Bandeau Midi Dress and I love it. It reminds me of something the Kardashian’s had in their Lipsy Kollection a while ago. I love how elegant and chic it is (Obviously Michelle pulls it off better than I ever could!) I think it is perfect for a really dressy event and it will be a favourite wardrobe piece for years and years! The fact that its white with black in it goes so well and they really compliment each other. It is red carpet worthy in my book so I have to have it!



So that is the highlights of my Christmas Wish List this year and my also my Birthday list! I hope you all liked this post and again I am sorry to have been away from you all for so long due to my internet issues I hope you all had a good few weeks while I was gone! I hope you are all finding some Christmas inspiration and if you have any questions about my post or any comments let me know I love hearing from you all!

Happy Fashions Dolls


(Images collected from Polyvore)


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