Vampire Queen

Vampire Queen
Good evening everyone on all hallows eve! I hope you are all enjoying the day so far and here is a little inspiration for you for today! I know Im posting this a bit late but work has been so crazy this week and I have just been so busy! This post is called Vampire Queen and is a simple but effective way of dressing up for Halloween without being too dramatic about it! I hate dressing up on Halloween but I do like to make an effort so I put this together for anyone who is like me when it comes to this. This look is really easy to do and can be used at any point during the year. This dress is a simple black, off the shoulder style from and is basically a blank canvas for dressing up. I matched it with this red cape from to add some red colour which of course is associated with vampires! I also added the red shoes (also from Newlook) for another pop of red and the cape wouldn’t be left on its own and the rest of the look wouldn’t be too black. The necklace I think is perfect for this! I found it on and it has a proper vintage feel to it and is perfect vampire material! The black earrings are simple enough and just add a bit more jewellery to it because as you can see I have jewellery to a minimum in this look. Lastly the make up. The make up was a bit hard to find but I stumbled upon this make up photo and loved everything about it for this look. The dark lips especially make this look believable because they add edge to the look and grunge it up. I have this Mayebelline Midnight Plum lipstick and it is so good. It really rich and moist so it doesn’t wear out after an hour or so. The nails are just an example of what you could have but what you ever you like you do it!
I hope you all enjoyed this look and I hope you all enjoy your Halloween night and don’t forget to hashtag Evannalily with your Halloween fashion looks for a chance to feature on my Instagram and Facebook page!
Happy Fashions Dolls

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