Purchases, Pugs and Selfies

Afternoon everybody! I hope you are enjoying the bank holiday Monday today and for anyone who just has a regular working day Monday its almost over hang in there! I just wanted to update you all on some of the things going on over the last week or so.



This quote is definitely true for me! I have bought a couple new things this week and I love them both. I purchased a white t-shirt and powder blue fading jeans from work and both are super comfortable. The jeans are a perfect fit and such a nice colour blue. They’re not dark, not stonewash but a sort of powder blue. They’re not highwaisted and they fit my waist perfectly. The leg is also a great fit because I’m not that tall I have some trouble finding a leg that fits in length without the waist being too big or the waist fits and the leg is too wide and its just complicated. These one however have a good leg fit and also look good turned up at the ankles. The top is a white top thats not fitted but it just hangs slightly and its so comfortable. Its easy to dress up or down for any occasion and as you all know that is my favourite type of clothing! Here they are now and you can find them in store now and online!





I also spotted some really cool things at work that I feel I need in my life. We have some amazing slippers in at the moment in the form of Pugs and Pandas and they are really puffy and thick and so fabulous. If you haven’t seen these for yourself I sound a bit weird right about now but I am going to show you them I think you will all agree with me then!




Another little thing I spotted in store which is the only one we have and I actually can’t find it online other is this so simple but chic small handbag. I just think it is so nice. Its not too big so you’re not carrying around a suitcase sized bag around all the time and you could use it casually or for a night out. I love the fact that it is black and white because they go with everything so it would be easy to incorporate it into any look. I also love the bits of gold in it too its just adds a bit of chic to the bag. I am so tempted by it but I have so many handbags already!



Another thing that happened this week is I finally booked a nail appointment to have my nails done and I am so happy to be doing it! My nails are destroyed after work carrying hangers around and stuff and they just keep breaking. My own nails are normally really long and I love having long nails and I love the fact that I can say “No they’re my own really nails!” but lately it doesn’t look like I will be saying that anytime soon! So I browsed my Tumblr and Pinterest for some inspiration. Heres a couple of my favourites.







The very last photo is from my selfie session on Saturday and I was channeling my inner Kylie Jenner. The reason I did it is because my make up was behaving itself that day so I took advantage of it. I tried a different look for lips that day but putting a tiny tiny tiny amount of lip balm on my lips first and then putting on my nude lipstick. Let me know what you think!



I hope you enjoyed this post and as usual let me know what you think and leave your comments! I have got a couple emails from people over the week asking for advice on clothing and what to wear and I just want to say thank you for getting in touch and I love that you are asking me questions! You can ask me questions on here or via my email which is in my contacts page. You can also ask me questions on my Tumblr or DM on my Facebook page.

Happy Fashions Dolls


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