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Hello again everybody I am spoiling you today with two posts one after the other but I have another post to share with you all which I promised would be done today!

The other day I was checking my emails and I discovered I had one from the people at asking if I wanted to blog about their new Infographic they have so of course I said yes! is an online store featuring over three hundred unique and independent boutiques to help fashion loving people like you and me find amazing looks from boutiques all over the world. They have stores all over the world but are all connected through the website. This new infographic they have created is all about the time and work it takes to run a blog. This is actually such a good way of letting readers like yourselves know what its like to run a blog and they way they have made the inforgraphic is so good. Its a really good visionary piece and hope you all enjoy it! I will tell you about my personal blogging style first.

I like to prepare my longer blog posts in a special book I have for posts so that I know what to include and what to talk about mainly and how to highlight my main points of the post. I also make a note of each photo and attachment I am planning on using so I don’t spend hours trying to find the item. I also prepare a bit of what my dialogue will be like so its not boring or too plain. I like to write it so that its like I am saying it to you guys like with a little joke or something just so that its a bit different. I like to post as regularly as possible during the week. So if I don’t have anything to talk about from the last few days I will just use a Polyvore post which I find really helpful because then I am still helping you all find a look and not just going days with no posts! When it comes to staying connected with other bloggers I also share my posts to my personal and like Facebook pages as well as my other Evanna Lily pages! I am part of twelve groups on Facebook which I always share the links to for other bloggers to read and share around! I also have a contacts page on here with my links and email address for you to ask me questions and get in touch with me about anything which a few of you have done this week and I love that you have!

So that is basically my blogging style summed up and I hope you all found it interesting and useful. Here is the Inforgraphic by for you to all read and learn a bit about blogging from. I found it really interesting and am happy to share it with you guys and I am so thankful to for sending it to me!


So I hope you all enjoyed this post and the Infographic that I shared created by and feel free to ask me any questions about the blog and make sure you take a look at for some unique looks and designs by many different boutiques!

Happy Fashions Dolls



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