Egyptian Princess

Egyptian Princess
Hey everybody! I know I am a little late in the day to be posting but I ended up having lunch out and didn’t get home until half four! Here is the first of my Halloween outfit inspiration posts and I have gone for an Egyptian theme in this post. The reason I like this look is because not only is it an easy look to do for Halloween if, like me you don’t mind dressing up but not too extreme and you want to look good doing it, you can deconstruct it and use each piece all year long. Creating an Egyptian look is pretty simple you just need some white, gold and some aqua blue normally does it. I chose this Playsuit from because it is simple enough and I think the detail on it is perfect for this theme. Matched with this John Lewis Kimono its perfect because the Kimono is full of colours and patterns that remind me of Egyptian symbols. The jewellery has to be gold because Egyptians wore a lot of gold and it was a sign of wealthiness. So with the necklace I tried to find something similar to the old big gold necklaces they wore! I added these blue heels from to add some other colours and make the white pop a bit more. For make up you need eyeliner to create the old style Egyptian eye. Think square winged eyeliner. It can be tricky to pull of winged eyeliner never mind the Egyptian way but Im sure if you search Youtube you will be bound to find a tutorial on it! You can just about find any type of tutorial for anything on Youtube!
I hope you all enjoyed this look and found some inspiration for this Friday for Halloween!
Happy Fashions Dolls

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