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Good afternoon everyone I hope you are all having a nice day even if it is Monday! Todays post is about the new perfumes by Newlook which are in stores as of last week and is about two of the perfumes which I purchased the other day and what I think of them. Here is the link to the beauty line at Newlook for you to browse.




So over the last week Newlook launched its new beauty line Pure which besides perfumes also features foundation, eye shadows, mascara, nail polishes, powders, lip liners, lipsticks, lip gloss and concealers. The two perfumes I purchased were Pink Blush and Pure Dusk. The first one I will be talking about is Pure Blush.

The packaging for the perfumes is quite simple but effective. Its a nice neat little box with the colours on the lids signifying which fragrance is which. White makes it look expensive with the black lettering. The coloured names of the perfumes in bold and capitals make it look formal as well and I think that it is a really pretty design for a box. You probably can’t see it from the photos but the box actually has patent thick white stripes in half vertical lines along the box. The bottles are 50ml bottles so you ono what that means girls you can bring it on a Ryanair flight!


Pure Blush is a cute girly perfume and has such a nice look to it. It looks really classic and expensive and has a feel of luxury to it. The bottle really suits it because it is such a pretty and chic design. The Pink Blush one to me is a really cute, girly, pretty chic type of perfume and if it was a person I would think Arianna Grande would suit it. Its a sweet smell with hints of citrus in it. It has a floral scent of sweet flowers that I can’t quite put my finger on. Its a nice scent and is similar to a Chanel perfume. If your not mad on sweet perfumes like Anais Anais scents then this isn’t really the one for you but I adore it! Its my favourite one I think out of the four scents there are.



The next one is the Pure Dusk perfume. This fragrance is associated with purple and is also really cool looking. I think the purple colour makes it a bit edgy and is perfect for night. This one is also a bit sweet and has hints of the Iris flower. Its a strong scent and is a different type of sweet to the Blush scent. Its a bit darker and makes me think of a slight grunge look. It reminds me of Plum lipstick and a black dress. An attractive scent if you will perfect for that darker sexy look. It still looks pretty and chic like the Blush. If this was a person as well I would have to say… Megan Fox meets grunge. I think this scent has a little something for everyone but try it out for yourself and see what you think!



There are four perfumes in total from this range the other two are Pure Touch Green and Pure Devotion Yellow. I haven’t had the chance to try these out myself yet but I read they have a fruity fragrance with jasmine and damascus rose flower scents. Here they are.





So I hope you all enjoyed this post and go out and test these perfumes out for yourself. They are in store now at €9.99 and are online but I think they only deliver to the UK at moment and they are 7.99 GPB online. So pop in to sample the new fragrances and have a browse of the new beauty products!



Happy Monday everybody and I hope you all enjoy this post and speak to you again soon!

Happy Fashions Dolls



2 thoughts on “Pure Perfume

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi. Where can I get the pure dusk purple perfume for women in the US and how much is it. I’d like to order it online if possible Thanks

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