Wifi and Knitwear Jumpers

Hello everyone! I know you haven’t heard from me in a while but I am back now and with an explanation why and with details of my latest purchases and looks while I have been away!


Firstly on the 4th of October my internet connection was cut off until today so it was harder to do posts for you guys. I could still use my Instagram and Facebook page but using Polyvore and Blogging from my phone is a bit tricky. Polyvore is different on my phone so it comes up smaller on my computer and I like to have everything perfect for you all. So I have prepared a few Outfit Inspiration posts for you which will be coming up during the week. So the pain of suffering without internet for almost two weeks is  now over and I can get back to my online life! I think the above photo just sums up my feelings about it to be honest!

During the last two weeks there have been a few goings on which I will tell you about now. I purchased a new jumper from work which I think I am starting to have a serious relationship with because its pink and warm and I just love it. It contains Alpaca Wool so is warm and perfect for the weather starting to get colder. Its a slight polo neck jumper which I was surprised that I liked because lets face it we all remember Polo
Neck jumpers from the Nineties/ early Noughties and they were not good. At the moment I have been wearing it with black jeans because they go so well together. I was wearing it tucked in but it is also nice just left out because it sort of hangs at the waist. This jumper also comes in a light aqua type of blue. Here it is!


With this jumper came a slight new look. I get a bit bored just having my hair down all the time and I normally end up tucking it behind my ears so I tried out a new hairstyle for the week and I really like it. I decided to try out Arianna Grande’s signature hairstyle but obviously not as well done as hers! I’m not a huge Arianna Grande fan I think her style is cute and would be perfect for if you wanted to look really girly but I decided to try out her hairstyle and this is the end result.



I like how long it makes my hair look! So I have been wearing this hairstyle for the last few days and its so much better then having to stop my hair going in my eyes at work and its not a ponytail but its not down either so its great! Another look I was wearing last week was my denim shorts with an old black knit and shirt collared top. I was surprised I was wearing shorts at this time of year in Ireland but I got a couple days more out of them before the weather just turned into this mad, windy, raining and dull type weather. I bought some socks from work as well because I liked the idea of having them with ankle boots. They have a lace frill at the top of them and they sit at the top of the ankle boot and are a bit more interesting instead of just a plain tights. This top is a few years old and is just a black knitted top with a shirt collar in it. The collar has gold tips too!




As Autumn is starting to look a little bit more like Autumn now with leaves all over the place, wind throwing them all over the place its time to start investing in your knits and cosy clothes. We have some really nice stuff in store at the moment and one thing I love is our Fedora Hats. Seen here on the mannequin featuring a darker pink fluffy jumper and a long crepe jacket. I am so tempted to get one of the hats because the one I bought last year doesn’t really fit my head (My dad and I both have small sized heads so has are a problem for us!)  IMG_3957


So pop in store to see our new Autumn wear pieces including loads of fluffy jumpers (when I say fluffy I’m talking about cloud like fluffy!), new jackets, long knit wear cardigans both chunky and not and of course our shoe selection including boots both ankle and high and occasion heels. Also we have some very exciting new products in store and online in the form of our new beauty line! We have four different perfumes, eye shadows, nail polishes and mascara. Here are two of the perfumes which I will have a post about tomorrow!


So again Im sorry for the silence guys but I hope you like this post and are having a good weekend. Tomorrow I will taking about these new perfumes by Newlook and I will have some outfit inspiration posts up for you guys soon. I will do one today just to give you a little bit more then just this post!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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