A Winning Look For NFL

Hey everybody! I hope you are all well and dont have the miserable weather we are having here in Ireland now we have hit Autumn! This post is a little different from normal because this one is in association with Fanatics Sports Apparel.
At the end of last week I recieved an email from the people over at Fanatics asking if along with some other bloggers I would create a look featuring one of their NFL Jerseys from their online store http://www.fanatics.com/NFL_Jerseys for a project they are doing and of course I said yes! So here is my post and I hope you all find some inspiration for your NFL games attire!
Now I am not even going to pretend to know squat about any kind of sports (Sorry everyone!) but I definitely know that NFL stands for the National Football League over in the USA so this one is for all my American followers and I hope you all enjoy it! I went onto the Fanatics website and after going through all their jerseys I finally chose one. It took me a while to decide because there are so many different possible looks from all the colours of the jerseys but I finally settled on one. I chose one that I think I can relate to and I will explain why.

I chose this Womens San Francisco 49er’s Colin Kaeperick Nike White Platinum Jersey for several reasons.
1. It is mainly white with a touch of Grey so it will go with virtually anything.
2. My father lived in San Francisco for a while in his younger days and has always said it was such an amazing place and he had the best time there. He is always talking about the mad adventures he went on and his great experiences there!
3. This jersey is number seven and that is the date of my birthday so I always consider it a lucky number so I always involve it in the lotto numbers and things! (I have yet to win the lotto though!)
The look I want to go for with this jersey is a home gathering like a barbeque with friends or just out supporting your team. As I always say “Just because its sports doesnt mean you have to stop being stylish” by this I mean you dont have to go around in an oversized hoodie with sneakers and some sort of sports pants. So I went online to Newlook.com and found some suitabley stylish pieces to help you get a gameday look touchdown! (I know some Lingo!)
So I think if you take this jersey and tuck it into these Black Coated Skinny Jeans with it just hanging over the waist you have a great look already and you havent even got shoes.

The black will really make the white stand out and will stop your jersey from being just that bit big to showing off your figure with little effort involved. Just tuck it into the jeans and bam you have it complimenting your waistline. I have also picked some matching shoes for this in the form of these Cream Bow Front Pointed Court Shoes.

They are cute, they are simple and they add a little glam to the look. I did have a black boot in mind too but I just think its a bit safe to go with a white top, black jeans, black boots, etc etc so Im trying to create a monochrome type look if you will which is in style at the moment. I have a few accessories that I think would really work with this and make it a bit more interesting and add some glamour.



I especially love the Black Felt Fedora Hat because as we are in Fall hats are coming back in a big way so why not wear them to an NFL gathering with your family and friends? My absolutely favourite piece of this look is next. I just think that this bag adds so much fun and actually really stands out against the rest of the look. I think its really fun, cute, creative, unique and also stops the outfit from being too serious! Here it is the Pink Doughnut Zip Top Clutch!

So I hope you all like my NFL outfit post in association with Fanatics Sports Apparel! Remember to check out their website (www.Fanatics.com) for all your sports needs and your NFL jerseys! I am so thrilled to be able to do this for them and connect with a company abroad and also my non irish followers! I hope you all like this post and enjoy your NFL games everybody!
Happy Fashions Dolls

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