Good Hair Day

Good afternoon everybody! I hope you are all well and having a good week. Todays post is a beauty related post about my hair routine. A lot of people always say how my hair is soft and shiny so I have decided to share my routine with you guys for my straight hair look which I do a lot! I started straightening my hair when I was about twelve and it has been a downward spiral ever since! For about three years I was straightening my hair everyday without fail. I hated how it went curly after a couple of hours of being at school so I would straighten it for 10 minutes before going to school and then again when I got home. It has definitely suffered over the years! But the last few years I have cut down on the straighteners and leave it curl and my hair is healthier. A couple of months ago I paid a visit to the lovely Sean Taaffe Salon in Killarney where my mum is a regular and finally got rid of all my split ends from the last five years. I did not realise how bad they were.



So remember guys the straight hair may look good but don’t forget to lay off them as well. Variety is good! So I hope you enjoy my routine and find some helpful tips about how to achieve the straight hair look and how to keep it that way without having to reach for the hot iron everyday!

I like to have volume in my hair so that it looks thick and healthy so I use my amazing L’Oreal Paris Heat Protect Volume spray which works wonders. I discovered these L’Oreal products a couple of years ago and they have been part of my essentials list ever since. I absolutely love them! For me they are the only choice for hair care. You can find them in any big chemist like or supermarkets like Tesco for example. The volume one has a little pink square that says volume so look for it because all the bottles are the same and the square tells you what type it is. It has a good spray because it covers a wide area of your hair and has an even coverage. The only thing is when you use these sprays use it over a carpet or something because if you have some type of wooden floor like I do in my bedroom it leaves that part of the floor a bit slippy for a couple days.



So I have three areas of my hair that I spray with the volume spray so I have definite volume. I spray my hair line parting, under my side fringe, and then I flip my hair over my head and do the base of my hair where the back of my neck is. This ensure that you have volume in the key places. Then I just do quick sprays of the roots down to the ends of my hair and then I rough it all up a bit with my fingers. Next I use my Straight Heat Protect Spray from L’Oreal on the middle of my hair down to the ends to lock in the straightness. These sprays lock in their action for three days so you don’t have to worry about your hair going curly again in humidity or it going flat. obviously everyones hair is different depending on what hair type you have it will either last longer or a day less. There is also a Curly spray available which I also have but I don’t use it as much because I don’t curl my hair really.



After all this is done I leave it for one or two minutes just to set in and then I blow dry it. This takes a while because my hair is so long. I normally blow dry my hair with it upside down because then it has the best result. (It says to do this on the bottles under directions of use anyway) once this done I have volume and am ready to start straightening.



Now when I straighten my hair I don’t go the bother of separating all the different sections and pinning them on both sides and then  making sure each section is the same width because quite frankly I cannot be bothered so leave it the professionals in my opinion! What I do is I brush my side fringe into a normal fringe in front of my face and then twist it and pin it back. I then bring all my hair to the front so theres none at the back that I miss and then just do straighten it. Not all at once obviously but like the back bits first then the middle then the front and then move on the other side. When this is done I untie my fringe and do that then brush it into a side fringe. Here is the finished results!





I hope you all found some useful tips in this post and don’t forget to leave comments and let me know what you think!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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