Luxury Lace Look

Luxury Lace Look
Afternoon everyone! Heres an outfit inspiration post for you all featuring this gorgeous AX Paris dress. I love this its so elegant looking and you can wear it anyway you like but this is an example of how I would wear it and hopefully you guys all like it too! I matched this dress with some deep purples because I feel like it goes really well with the black lace of the sleeves and top of the dress. Also its different from just matching this dress with nude lipstick, nude nails, nude or white shoes etc etc and it adds a bit of individuality to the look. So the nails, shoes and lipstick are all purples and its only a certain amount of purple so its not too dark a look. All the jewellery is from also the coat is in store at the moment and it is ridiculously comfortable and soft! Its perfect for winter coming up just around the corner. With this outfit I was thinking that a simple Kim Kardashian style low ponytail would go perfectly with this. Simple make up and you have the completed look! This look is a chic look with a bit of edge and I really like the feel of it. Its a bit different but not dramatically so. I hope you all enjoyed this outfit inspiration post and talk to you all soon!
Happy Fashions Dolls

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