New Looks from NewLook

Hey everybody I hope you have all had a good week and Im sorry for my radio silence over the last few days I have been working everyday this week so I haven’t had time to do any posts but here is one for today! This one is just a little update on my recent purchases and new outfits that I have been wearing the last few days!

Over the last week I picked up a few things from work when I was finished and I am so happy that I did! I have a total of six new items from this week and Here are the first two items I bought!



This Stone Contrast Collar Shell Top is now in the sale items and it is so comfortable! It goes with virtually anything and I love it it can be work with highwaisted jeans, this skirt, denim shorts and depending on your look actually can look really like sixties style! It has just a simple two button up at the back just on the collar. This Monochrome Houndstooth Wrap Skort is also so comfortable! I have yet to wear it out but I have tried it on with a few things and its another favourite. It goes really well with this top and with my yellow chiffon blouse from Tk Maxx which was featured in their Me By Me campaign a while ago!
My next few items I absolutely love!

I am actually obsessing with my Mom Denim Shorts and Belt. I spent about two days matching them with everything and as an outfit with tights all the pieces in this photo go together perfectly!

The way I have been wearing this outfit the last few days for work is with my Midnight Plum lipstick from Maybelline and my purple jewel statement necklace from Primark/Pennys with straight hair and diamond stud earrings. Its not my usual look for outfits and thats why I love it because its a bit different for me!

If you follow my instagram you will have seen these photos before but this is a more detailed post for you all! All this was topped off yesterday by the fact I recieved a name tag! I feel so official now and have had a great week at work!

A post about all the happenings in my week will be coming up tomorrow! For now though I hope you are all having a good week and enjoy your weekend!
Happy Fashions Dolls


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