The Birthday Blog

Hello everybody! Here is a blog post to start the week off and this one is a little special because today is in fact Evanna Lily’s first birthday as a blog!

This time last September I was in Galway as a fashion retail student creating this blog at my kitchen table! Evanna Lily has had a few changes over the last year in Layout, design and even the URL which went from being lilyatkinson1 to just evannalily! (this was because I didnt set it up right but I learnt how to use wordpress!) i started off with a different theme to the one I have now and I prefer this one alot more! Here is a snap from Instagram that I posted the first day it was created

During this time last year it was Milan Fashion Week and my very first post was of a Dolce And Gabanna look for the runway which included florals and jewellery. I loved this look and am so glad I used it as my first post!

But there are some people I need to thank for helping Evanna Lily last a year and that is you guys. All my followers on all my social media profiles from all over the world not just on here for taking interest in my posts and sharing them around. For letting me know your thoughts via comments and for just helping Evanna Lily to grow and gain more interested followers. Thank you all for joining me on my journey and even though Evanna Lily still has a while to go to becoming a big fashion blog its all of you guys that are making it happen. So thank you all and I hope you will all still be here for the next few years of birthdays to come!


Happy Fashions Dolls
Love Lily Atkinson creator of Evanna Lily

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