Hayden Williams Check Her Out Look

Hayden Williams Check Her Out Look
Here is another Hayden Williams look for you guys to check out! By now you have all probably guessed that I am obsessed with his work and its true I am! If you haven’t seen his posts then have a look on his Tumblr and Pinterest page because his stuff really is amazing! I also did a post a while back featuring a few of his pieces and a little biography bit. Also check out his illustrations for London Fashion Week on Rimmel’s Facebook page and on his Instagram!
This look is called Check Her Out and it is a vintage sort of look. I love the check peplum top and red combination and as Autumn is here Red is becoming a bit colour. As with the top Monochrome and check prints are very in at the moment especially in NewLook. We have some amazing pieces in store and online to be sure to have a look! I like the touch of gold in this look too because it is subtle but adds to the look. In the Illustration her nails are red but I went for black instead because I didn’t want to overkill with the red colour and I thought it would match with the shoes more. All these pieces are easy to find online through my Polyvore by clicking the images below.
I hope you all enjoy this look and speak to you soon!
Happy Fashions Dolls

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