New Look New Job

Hey everybody! I hope you are all having a good week and for those of you in Ireland I hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather we have had the last few days. I am just checking back in with you all to tell you about whats been happening lately.


A few weeks ago I was called to do an interview at my local New Look store here in Killarney and after a couple of weeks I got a call saying I had got the job! I was so happy to hear that because New Look is genuinely one of my favourite stores and I have loved shopping there since I first got into fashion. You guys probably already know this as I tend to include a lot of their products in my Outfit Inspiration posts!


On Thursday I had my Induction day which was only two hours but I enjoyed every minute. I started off my day by learning about the fitting rooms. I already had a bit of experience with this from doing Work Experience in Oasis for college in Galway last year so luckily I had some knowledge already. It wasn’t too busy because all the young people are at school (says me at 19 years of age!) so it was quieter than normal but it was an easy pace to start with. When on fitting rooms you just have to check the amount of items a person is bringing in just incase people are being sneaky and when they hand you back items just make sure they are tidy and ready to go back out on the floor.

After this I did some Health and Safety training which is how to lift boxes correctly, what to do in case of a fire, etc. I didn’t cover any of this in Oasis because it was only five days work experience so there wasn’t really any need to so this was new to me. That was my first day which was only two hours so it was a nice day to learn those things.

Yesterday, Friday, was my second day which was longer and involved more tasks to do. I started off the day by clearing the rails in the fitting rooms. This is where all the things people leave in the fitting rooms because they don’t fit or changed their minds go onto the rail by the door and then someone takes the rail out into shop out of the way and puts them all back onto the floor. This is a good task because I need to learn where everything is and remember where it all goes so this is really good for that. I worked in the fitting rooms again for a while after this and then I did a new job which was Size Order. Size Order is going around an are of the shop and making sure that everything is in the right order of size on the hangers e.g 6, 8, 10, 12 and so forth. This was good because it really helped you to remember where everything in that section was for clearing the rails.

grey flecked textured zip front skirtCream Wool Mix Zip Front Collarless Coat


Grey Flecked Textured Zip Front Skirt and Cream Wool Mix Zip Front Collarless Coat in store now

Everyone I have met on my two days that I am working with is so nice and helpful. They are all friendly and happy to help me with any questions I have about anything and I am really pleased with my job.

I am really pleased to be working in this store because it gives me a chance to apply all the things I learnt in my Galway College Course about Fashion Retail and working in the Retail Industry and I can’t wait to learn more and settle in fully to working with everyone and the clothes. Needless to say I think a lot of the clothes will end up coming home with me! As my dad said “Its perfect for them that you work there because the money they pay you will be going back to them with all the stuff you buy!”

Black buckle side block heel chelsea bootsMonochrome Check Wrap Skort

Black Buckle Side Block Heel Chelsea Boots and Monochrome Check Wrap Skort in store now

Hope you are all enjoying your week and I will check back in with you all soon! (By the way I am very obsessed by the last two items and I am planning on getting them myself the next day I am in!)

Happy Fashions Dolls


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