Design Skills Sketchbook Assignment Three

Here is the post for my final photo shoot assignment from college in my Design Skills module! This one was about street style and features three different looks. My model for this assignment wasn’t me this time but my friend Monique who was in the same college. I hope you have all enjoyed these posts and don’t forget to comment and like!



First up in this assignment was a few cutouts from Grazia Magazine of some street style looks for inspiration and ideas. I love these looks because they are all unique and have their own style.



The next couple of pages demonstrates the looks through the decades. Starting with the 70’s all the way up to the present day. Again these are just cut outs fro different magazines and are all ideas and inspirations for different street style looks. This first page shows the 70’s and 80’s styles and pieces.



Next up we have the page showing the 90’s and present day looks. All the cut outs are modern day pieces but fit into each category and are perfect for this assignment!



Next up is three pages full of outfit, make up and photoshoot ideas. These are my favourite pages because these images are so cool and interesting. There are some interesting styles of outfits and photoshoots in these cut outs and I hope you like them!







And finally we have the last few pages displaying my photoshoot featuring my friend as the model for this. There are three different looks for this simple elegant, grunge and girly. You can see the actual photos from this shoot in my category My Galway Adventure.











I hope you liked this post and the other two assignment posts. Don’t forget if you have any comments than feel free to post them! Also people have commented asking me to email them so if anyone has any business to discuss or any queries then my email is in my contact page as well as my other social media links.

Happy Fashions Dolls


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