College Calling

College Calling
As the time for colleges to start again is drawing near I though it might be time to do a little college set for those of you looking for some inspiration as to what to get. I did an outfit on the left hand side based on what my general college look was featuring skinny jeans, a white jumper and boots. As the Winter draws closer I will be doing some season looks that will be helpful for battling the elements for everyday people not just the college students! I found some great things in this set for you guys to have a look at. I adore the leather diary because it is so simple but pretty and you will need either a calendar or diary in college to mark down when assignments are due and if theres any changes to your schedule. The three notebooks by Marc Jacobs are really handy for getting notes down and I like the different city landmarks on the covers. The laptop case is handy because you may need to bring it college to work on assignments or hang out in your local cafe to work on weekends just to get out of the house so it is always handy! The panda USB stick is a must have. Not only is it really cute but it is great for storing all your back up assignment and if you have to go to an internet cafe to print things just bring that down and save the time of sitting on a computer and logging on and finding your assignment and this way all you have to do is pay for printing. The last thing was one of my favourite and most handy possessions in college. A travel mug is just great. Pour your coffee in the morning and go no need to buy one, que, pay, etc etc just have it on you during classes and re use over and over again! (Also its a good thing to be holding in the winter while walking to college because its so warm!). This set features mostly Newlook items and a few bits and pieces that I found on Polyvore.
I hope you enjoyed this set and good luck with starting college wether you’re just starting or are returning!
Happy Fashions Dolls

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