Fluffy Jumpers and High Heels

Hey everyone I just thought I would do a short post on whats been happening lately and I have some lovely new purchases to share with you all! If you follow my Instagram you will have seen them posted a little while ago but I thought I would go into some more detail here.

First up out of my new purchases are just a few things I picked up while browsing around town. I finally managed to purchases a pink fluffy jumper and I love it! It is so comfy and just what I wanted. I picked this up in Primark/Pennys a couple weeks ago and it goes really well with black jeans and simple accessories. The second thing I picked up that day was my new favourite watch from Newlook. (I have a bit of a watch collection going on!) Its really simple with a pale pink strap and gold rim and numbers with a white face. It’s a round face but its not too big or too small its just the perfect size. It goes really well my new jumper coincidently! The third thing was Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up foundation. I have never used this foundation before and I actually haven’t used liquid foundation in a year because most of them dry out my skin and I could never find the right colour everything was either too pale or too dark. This foundation though is really good. It has good coverage and lasts a good while. The colour is good and it has a lighter look when you put it on. I brush a little of my MaxFactor Creme Puff over it to add a super flawless look but it still looks good on its own!



The next couple of things I bought were a few more beauty products buys. I topped up on my L’Oreal Paris Heat Protect Volume Spray which I can’t live without it is just the best! It also comes in straight and curly which I also have so if you haven’t tried them then do because they really do work! I also bought some more white nail polish by Rimmel London’s Rita Ora collection which works really well too. I also purchased a new lipstick. I decided to try out Maybelline New Yorks Tantalizing Taupe lipstick colour so I would have something to just wear casually instead of just have lipgloss and a red lipstick and I must say its really good. It lasts for so long and is a great colour.


My last amazing buy over the last week was my new beauties from Newlook. They were in the sale and I just love them so much! I cannot wait to wear them out. There is nothing like new shoes to make you feel good (unless they are ugly school shoes your mum picked out which thankfully was a good few years ago for me!). In the words of Marilyn Monroe “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”



I hope you are all having a great week and I leave you with this lovely Marc Jacobs quote. Until next time!

Happy Fashions Dolls


Marc Jacobs

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