Design Skills Sketchbook Assignment Two

Here is the second assignment from my Design Skills Photoshoot sketchbook and this assignment is based on a movie! So for this assignment we had to choose a movie we loved and recreate and outfit from it. It was an up-cycling assignment so it involved sewing and creating pieces for it. Here is the first page and I hope you enjoy the rest of the post!


The movie I chose for this assignment was a BBC Four movie about the love affair between the photographer David Bailey and the sixties model Jean Shrimpton. I saw this maybe two years ago and I just love the outfits and style from the sixties and she was so glamorous and beautiful. So I based my outfit on a photoshoot she did.


Here are three photos of her modelling during that time that I could use as inspiration for my photoshoot. Below these is a photo of my make up inspiration. I like the idea of using Cheryl Cole’s look from a L’Oreal Paris hair product advert because her hair has so much volume and it has a sixties look about it. The two make up looks it are examples of simple but pretty make up and then colour with red lips.


IMG_3521.JPGThis next page has a few simple sixties looks and pieces that can be modernised and used in this photoshoot. I like the idea of using a coat or jumpsuit because you can add anything to them to style them up either with jewellery or adding your own look via sewing.

IMG_3523.JPGThis next page shows you my selected look and idea. I chose this outfit from one of Jean Shrimpton’s photoshoots because it is a sixties shoot but the top is a crop top which has come back this year and so can be used today. Its not a very complex look but I did make the top for this shoot myself so Im quite proud of myself! Below this photo are a couple of little sketches of how and what I will use to make the top.

IMG_3524.JPGIn this page you can see my creation process. I bought this top in Primark/Pennys for only €1.00 and then sourced my sewing necessities. I bought some lacey material to match the ruffles on the top in the photoshoot so I could add them so the bottom of the top to make them as similar as possible. I cut the vest top in half and hemmed the bottom so it wouldn’t unravel and then using my mannequin pinned the lace pieces to it so I knew where to put them and where to sew.

IMG_3526.JPGNext you can see my photoshoot photos with the finished top and I am actually so happy with it! It turned out just the way I wanted it to and is similar to the one Jean Shrimpton is wearing. These are only photos of my photoshoot in the sketchbook so if you go into the My Galway Adventure category then you will find the actually photos I posted when I did the photoshoot. For now though here are the ones I used in my sketchbook. I love the head shots I put in!



IMG_3529.JPGI hope you all enjoyed this post and stay tuned for the final assignment which is on Street style!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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