Design Skills Sketchbook Assignment 1

Here is the fist post about my Assignments from my Design Skills module in College and the first one up is called Love. This assignment involved getting inspiration and doing a photo shoot on something that you love and I chose the sixties. I love the sixties style and the glamour of it all and how it has been creeping back into style in the last couple of years. If anyone remembers my first photo shoot post from a while ago in Galway this is the assignment for that. I hope you all enjoy my page by page post!


The first page is the Rimmel London advert from a magazine featuring Georgia May Jagger which is a retro theme and has a sixties look for make up and hair and I thought it was the perfect way to start my assignment because its a modern advert for a sixties look which proves that it is coming back around.



This is the first official page of the assignment because it involves the writing and lots of photos for the next few pages. I love this Jimmy Choo Image from a magazine because it has the the sixties style dress and sunglasses but with the leopard print and dash of purple it looks so chic and classy and also gives the modern twist. I like the setting for this photo too with the city backdrop and the fact that she is suppose to be on the go with her food and hair blowing in the wind. The bottom image is more the vintage sixties with the colour block scheme. The red dress and the matching red block tights and matching shoes with some navy thrown in around neckline and hat. Even her pose is sixty style with her hand so delicately pointed outwards while she walks.



This first picture is from backstage at the Valentino Autumn/Winter 13 show collection. This image reminds me of the sixties style everyday dresses they wore with there straight up and down style no cinching in the waist just hung on the body. I love crochet neck line detail as well. It brings the elegance to dresses it mixes up the sixties look and also the simple side plait hair style. The third image has a slight sixties feel to it because of the big volume back combed hairstyle which was typical of that time. I like it with the double denim look. This image is by Diesel.




These next two images are based on sixties colours and prints. The first image by Jaeger has a strong Twiggy vibe to it with her pixie hair cut and wing eyeliner make up. This pencil skirt and oversized jacket with the stripe pattern has a vintage oversized and printed look because the sixties involved a lot of colours and oversizing of style like coats, jackets, eyelashes and earrings. The second image has a few of the colours used in that time for clothes in it like the vibrant pink, bright red, and the tartan look which was sometimes used on dresses and skirts.



This next page is my favourite page because it has so many little bits and pieces for inspiration and a drawing of my own of a sixties look I came across online. The floral print coat has a nice sixties vibe with it printed flowers and oversized look. Big sunglasses were all the rage then and everyone oversized their eyewear so it would be noticeable and you could shoe off your eye style.  The two lipsticks where sixty favourites with pale pinks to nude to bright red lips to match your outfit and depending on your make up that day would add a little something to your make up that day. The items of clothing down the bottom where typical sixties prints and pieces with houndstooth, pinstripe, checks, shift dresses, t dresses, big coats, small stilettos, pencil skirts and tops. My drawing in the middle had the main sixties styles in one. The big volume hair thats back combed to add extra volume and height to it, The make up to make your eyes look big with layers of false lashes inspired by Twiggy, the houndstooth printed oversized coat to make you seem petite and smaller.



This is the page that contains some make up inspiration and accessory looks. This Maybelline New York image with Naomi Campbell shows the winged eyeliner look which was popular back then and even now! It shows a use of vibrant colours and make up ideas. The bottom images show another couple of styles with the left hand one showing oversized sunglasses with stripes and the right displaying polar necks with loose skirts.



This is the last page before the photo shoot photos which gives some inspiration for pieces for the photo shoot outfit look. Midi skirts matched with stilettos and a simple top. An oversized coat with a pencil skirt and hat. The white coat on the right is another idea with its simplicity you can just add a pair of gloves, stiletto shoes like above it with a sixties hairstyle. The necklace is a statement one to add a modern look to it. The nail art is cool as well because it has the sixties zig zag pattern which would go really well or the deep purple.



I hope you liked this page by page post of my sketchbook and next time I will posting about my movie theme assignment!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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