Galway Races Ladies Day

Hello everyone I hope the week has been treating you well. For those of you who follow my Facebook and Instagram you will know that I recently took a trip up to Galway for The Races on Ladies Day. It was such a great day I got to catch up with my friend and spend the day in the sun all dresses up having fun. Before last Thursday I had never been to The Races before and I was so excited to go! I didn’t go out and buy a new outfit for it because I have so many dresses that I have only worn once or twice in a few years so I raided my wardrobe and found a teal coloured dress from NewLook I got a few years ago. I paired it with some pale pink peep toe heels which sounds strange when you hear it Teal and Pink but it all depends on the shades. I also aquired a little head piece for my outfit from a lady near my house who sells, alters, rents and creates dresses, fascinators, hats, headpieces and loads more. She has such a good selection and is such a nice lady. She found me this perfect little comb piece for my look which is a pale blue and has feathers and some netting. It was so perfect and it went really well with my outfit!


For my make up and hair look I kept it pretty but simple. I started off with my 17 Primer to stop my make up getting shiney and then used my MaxFactor Creme Puff which is just my favorite powder ever! It lasts so long and is the perfect shade for me! I used my No.7 Blusher on my cheekbones which works really well too. The rest was my Rimmel Million Excess Mascara, Pink Lipgloss that has no label (I have had it for a a couple years and its still my favorite!) and of course my contact lenses! My tan is actually real from sitting out this summer but it is brightened by Vasaline Coco Butter Moisturiser. My hair was a loose bun using a donut hair piece and my fringe brushed back to give height. I used my new snake earrings from H&M which I love and c’est fini! Here it is



The day itself was so fun. Thankfully the sun was shining because it was a bit dull and drizzling when I arrived in Galway. There was so many amazing looks at The Races from dresses to hats to heels there was some great styles going around! My friend in the photo below bought and wore this Lilac Hem Slip dress from River Island which looked gorgeous on her! We met up with her other three friends there who also looked lovely! We had a couple of drinks and made a few bets (I didnt win a single thing!) and watched The Races in the sun and had a good laugh. Heres some photos of us!




After The Races we headed back into town and had some food and then headed out for a cocktail. We ended up in The Stock Exchange Galway drinking Strawberry Daiquiris and singing along to The Spice Girls Wannabe! (We weren’t drunk at all we were just having a good time I swear!) after a walk down to Spanish Arch where it decided to start raining we decided to go home. I stayed at my friends house where I finally got to meet her new puppy who is unbelievably cute and fluffy and she introduced me to the show that is Honey Boo Boo.


I hope you are all having a good week and stay tuned for tomorrows post about Fudge which I made this evening!
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