Simple Chic

Simple Chic
This look is a simple black and white stripe top combined with white jeans which gives a slightly parisian feel to the look. It is easy to recreate and get the look yourself online or on the highstreet! The accessories and other pieces are what makes the outfit more interesting. I used gold accessories with this look because it is on trend at the moment with gold chain necklaces. midi rings, etc etc and I used them i this post because they go so well with the white of the jeans and the stripes of the top. I layered two necklaces to make the necklaces stand out a bit more but one will work fine. I have chosen two choices of shoes for formal or casual looks. I chose Burgundy or red colours because they just add some more colour to the look. I kept the bag a neutral colour because I didn’t want to go overboard on colours. The lipstick and nail polish are colours that match parts of the outfit i.e the shoes and lipstick, jeans and nails. I love these sunglasses from ASOS because the cat eye shape is just so cool and they are such a good price!
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