Black Jeans Blue Shirt

Black Jeans Blue Shirt
I was inspired to create this outfit by a styling book I have which says you should put “A diamond necklace with denim” and I instantly thought of an idea for an outfit post! I haven’t done a polyvore outfit post in a while and so I thought it was a good time to do one. I couldn’t find a diamond necklace that is good for the budget so this pearl one will do. I matched these two things with black and gold because I think they just compliment each other so well. The blue denim stands out against the jeans, the gold adds shimmer to the look and it just always looks good. Overall its an easy look to recreate and can be dressed up or down for whatever the occasion. All these products are available online or on the high street so they can be easily sourced.
I hope you all like this outfit and found some inspiration for any piece you have lying around that you don’t know what to do with! Check out the rest of my Polyvore creations in the Category Outfit Inspiration and on my Polyvore page.

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