Fashion Illustrations and Nail Frustrations

Hey guys here is just a little update on whats been going on in my life lately! The sun has officially left Ireland and the weather has now turned from glorious sunshine to dull skies, heavy to light rain and sometimes the odd muggy day. So the wardrobe has been a been scattered through the week but at one stage I was wearing a jumper. In July. I know its madness.

Mostly this week I have been working on my drawing skills and adding some new things to my bedroom. Both of these activities included someone called Hayden Williams.
Hayden Williams is an amazing fashion illustrator from London who has a fan base ranging from Oprah, Beyoncé and Kate Moss and the magazine Vogue! Hayden has been drawing figures since age three when he was obsessed with Disney animation since then he has been growing more and more popular with his first big discovery being made by Rihanna when she made his drawing of her her profile picture on Instagram. You can find Hayden on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook! I highly recommend you take a look at his pieces they are just amazing!




So this week I used his amazing artistic skills to practise my own drawings and designs and build up my art strengths! I did study art for my leaving certificate and hated figure drawing because I could never get the face, hands, feet, or proportions right but I love his way of drawing! Here are my not so amazing attempts at Hayden‘s illustrations figures using a few designs and dress styles of my own



For any of you thats following my Instagram you will know that I also printed off a few of his pieces and placed them around my room too. I printed off four of my current favorites and here they are! I placed Audrey Hepburn around my jewellery displays, the vintage icons above my perfumes, the Dior shopper above my notebooks and then finally the lady in the green dress in-between my two chilli plants to keep the whole green theme in that area.




Lastly to my frustration a good majority of my own natural nails broke and so the others has be shortened and they are just the strangest things. I am so used to having long nails and these are just too short for me! So I am trying to find a good place around Killarney that will do Gel Nails. I have a few great suggestions from people already so hopefully sometime next week I will have lovely long nails again! Here a picture I put up on Instagram yesterday and you can see how short they are now.


I hope you enjoyed this post and are all having a good week!

Happy Fashions Dolls


(Hayden Williams Illustrations Collected From Tumblr)

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