Colour Pop

In this home decor post I will be talking about how to create bursts of colour in different rooms of your home to brighten up the place and I will have some examples on how to do that which I have found online.

First up is this image I found on Tumblr a while ago. I love this yellow door because I just think its so fun and inviting. Again I love colours against a white background because they really stand out and are eye catching when its against white. I really like the door itself aswell because its an old style sort of door with the window above the frame and the wideness of it. It reminds me of a town house doorway.



Now this is an idea for a small dining room and I love the matching the candlestick holders with one set red and the other yellow. They are really vibrant in the room and add an air of fun and the unusual to the room because of their structure and shapes. For example the yellow candlestick holders start off wide at the base and and then narrow but create an eggshell like top for the candles to sit in. With the red candlestick holder the arms sort of reach out like branches and curve upwards.


colourful reading room


I absolutely adore this re-usuable Jar idea for bathrooms or just around the house. I love the colour of the blue and how pretty they look. I saw these on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and I saw a different Pin a few days later on how to actually make these. You just make the paint whatever colour you like and add some to the bottom of the jar and use the brush to paint the insides. I think they are so elegant looking and I love the fact they are DIY because then you don’t need to buy any new materials (except a little paint maybe) and you can just wash out your old jars when they’re finished and add a little paint and your done!




This idea for a dinning room or kitchen table is simple but pretty. The chairs a pale mint colour and are a bit subtle but still noticeable. They go really well with the wooden table and stand out against the natural wood table. Again because the walls are white they stand out more but I like the effect of the chairs against the wooden table and floor.


Mint Vibes


I love this desk for an office! Its so spacious and handy and I love the colour. I love the shade of the blue and it adds a bit of character to the room. Its a warm friendly colour and has a nice feel to it. It is a bit subtle but it is eye catching and you notice the colour instantly when you walk in.




I hope you all enjoyed todays Home Decor post and found some inspiration for your home too!

Happy Fashions Dolls


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