Place Of Patterns

This is my first Home Decor post and in this post I am going to featuring mainly on the different patterns you can have in each room of a house. Wether you are pattern mad like Kourtney Kardashian with her stripes and zig zags or wether you like them in small doses I hope you like this post!

This first photo I think is a cute idea for the hallway with the frontdoor. Just as people come in you have the table for your keys, letters etc and this sweet simple pattern just running along the wall. Its perfect if your fussy about patterns and want something that is noticeable but not too loud. I love the colour against the white aswell it looks so fresh.


If patterns on the walls isn’t your thing then you can easily add them to your living room using materials. This image is a perfect example of how to do that using cushions, blankets and canvases. I love anything that is simple but looks so classy. The stripes of colours and weave of the blankets and cushions really stand out and the canvas matches them with their different sizes and colours.


Another example of how to have patterns in a room is this amazing bathroom idea! I love tiles in a bathroom and this design just reminds me of being on holiday with the mix of colours and wood. It looks exotic and slightly vintage. I like that the tiles are small and mismatched aswell as they make each one stand out and pop against the white.



As I have younger cousins in my family its not a bad idea to look at kids designs or rooms although this example is really for anyone that has children of their own. I like the simplicity of it. The red stripe wall paper and the window seats. The cushions are cute with polka dots, stripes and diamond patterns. Its a gender neutral room which can relieve some of the pink or blue colour stress!Image


For an office you can use furniture to bring a pattern in a room like this pink polka dot chair which I love! Its simple but you notice it when you walk in. It saves all the fuss of trying to figure out what pattern to have on the wall and what colours. You can easily find decorated chairs online for whatever price you like.




Finally the bedroom. This photo is really cool and I like the idea for the room! It features a minimal but eye catching pattern in the form of the curtains around the bed. It quite a chic design but its fun and interesting. The bed cushions have colour popping patterns aswell and the lamps are a green burst against the white.



I hope you all liked this post and found some useful ideas! Next week I will be posting some colour pop photos on how to add some eye catching colours to your home.

Happy Fashions Dolls


(All Images Collected From Tumblr and Pinterest From Various Sources)


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