New Pieces

I have had such a good couple of weeks with new pieces! My mum is having a clear out of her wardrobe and is getting rid of some stuff and I got a few pieces out of it. I got three of her old tops, a handbag, two necklaces and three bracelets. My favorite top is the white crochet I wore in my post about family dinner in The Europe Hotel And Resort. The second top is a quarter length sleeve top which is casual but so pretty. The third top is a white top with pink detail which I got the other day. Besides those I now have a burgandy handbag, two blue mint long necklaces and three simple bracelets! Thank god for mums right?



Aswell as these pieces I bought some new rings in Topshop! I love wearing rings I can’t go one day without a ring on my hand. I love simple, pretty, everyday rings like these midi rings. As my fingers are slim normal size small rings are a bit too big so I bought the blue midi ring in a size large and it fits perfectly!

To top it all off I just got two more tops from someone and they are so nice! They’re M&S make and are again crochet lace flowers like the one from my mum. I love simple but pretty clothes that can be worn dressed up or down!

So thats all my new things the last two weeks and I love them all! So there’s a few outfit posts to be done in the next while. I hope you are all having a good week.
Happy Fashions Dolls

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