Sixties Swing

Sixties Swing
On one of my many online browsing sessions I found this really cute swing dress on and I just think it is perfect for summer! I love the three layered colours and how they compliment each other. I have chosen three examples of shoes for this dress because of the three colours theres so many options for shoes! I have yellow pumps, blue chunky heel sandals and platform nude sandals. These are all related to the dress colours but you could easily wear white, orange, green or even black. Speaking of black I have used virtually no black in this look because as its summer its not really necessary and I think it would look too heavy with this. I have used these black and silver cat eye sunglasses though because I just think they fit into that sixties look and the detail is so nice. The bowler bag is an orange colour which works well with the nude layer of the dress. I have kept the bag a medium size because otherwise it might take focus away. White nails are on trend at the moment so I have added them in too. I actually own this Essie white nail polish and it is really good! These bangles add more yellow tones to the look as well. I have put two in because I think two creates the chunky look and matches the chunkiness of the two heeled shoes.

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