Good Weather and New Hair!

Hey guys! 

This post is all about the things that have been going on this week and whats been happening lately. First up Ireland has been having beautiful weather lately with hot sunshine and temperatures reaching up to 26º! (sounding a little bit like a weather woman there but anyway!) So everybody’s been soaking up the sun while it lasts by going to the beach, laying outside, and just generally getting out and about. We have been eating our dinners outside lately at our house and it is so nice to just eat good food in the sun. Its like being on a mini holiday! Its a bit grey outside today though so I thought it was time to share the week with you all. 


Its so nice to finally see the sunshine and some bright blue skies after the grey weather we were having. The sun was so hot the other day I received about eight snapchats from friends about how seriously burnt they are! (Remember always top up the sun lotion!) Although my family like to lie out in the sun and soak up some Vitamin D a couple of our pets are a little too hot for their liking…



This is two out of our three cats Tiger and Beans trying to find suitable sleeping positions in this heat! Tiger hates hot weather because he just doesn’t know what to do with himself. Beans has just completely taken over my office chair and thinks it is her own chair now. All she does all day is sleep on my chair and then she gets annoyed if I try and move her to sit at my desk! The weather really was great and I finally got a chance to use my NewLook sunglasses! 


For those of you who are keeping up to date with my Twitter and Instagram you will know by know that yesterday I finally got my hair cut! I havent cut my hair in about a year and a half and it was long over due! So I booked an appointment at Sean Taaffes in Killarney and went in yesterday to get rid of the ends! My hair was so long but so damaged. I use a straightener on my hair a lot and when I was twelve I used to straighten it about once a day to make it look longer. I still use a straightener but now I have started using a curler within the last year or so aswell and with a hair dryer thrown in it adds up to a lot of split ends! So I went in and had my hair done by the lovely Marta and here is the finished result! 



This is a before and after photo of my hair and look at the difference! My hair is now a straight cut style with layers and all my split ends have gone! For about an hour it was so strange having hair so much shorter but I’m used to it now. It feels so much softer and lighter and looks so much healthier! My side fringe is back and is much shorter then it was. Its not crazy short but it is shorter. Heres a picture from a while ago and one from yesterday just after I left the hairdressers. You can see how it used to be really long at the front.


Also this week I bought myself a little something from NewLook which was a new ring. I bought this little silver Russian Wedding Ring because all my other rings are about eleven years old and have started to loose all the silver colour and have turned to copper. I adore those rings but I just can’t wear them anymore. So this is a new one to my ring collection and I love it. I wear it like this or also on my thumb too. My mum and two aunties have one aswell from years ago so I decided to join in and get one for myself! 



I hope you all enjoyed the post and have a good week everyone! xx

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