Your Love Looks

This summer is bringing a lot of colourful clothes and accessories our way to brighten up our dreary closets from our leftover winter wear and head towards a brighter and more colourful season. At the moment here in Ireland it has been a good week with the sun shining down on us at a nice 20º so everyone is heading to the beach and getting the summer clothes out. For all you lucky people who are going on holiday this summer or live in a permanently sunny country then you already have your dose of vitamin D sorted! This post is just some inspiration of how you can brighten up the wardrobe and get in on the summer trend from Nicole Scherzinger’s new video!

This is just a review of the looks from Nicole Scherzinger’s – Your Love video which was released during the week. The video is mainly set on a sunny beach with six looks in total through out the video. Not only is the song really catchy and god but the looks are all just such good looks for summer and holidays and I love every one of them!

The first look we see is a casual beach look featuring high waisted denim shorts and a black halter neck crop top. This look is perfect for walking around the beach or strolling through the town on a hot sunny day. The accessories she has with this outfit are a chunky bracelet on her upper arm  and wrist and also rings on both hands both midi and regular and they just add a bit of edge to it and glam it up a bit. I love her beach hair look aswell with just casual wavy curls and lots of volume. Its so simple but looks amazing!



Her beachwear looks are also simple but so classy. There are beachwear looks in this video featuring a swimsuit and a cover up dress. (*Warning the first image will make you sick with body envy*) The first one is a black cut out swimsuit which looks amazing on her. It is a simple cut out swimsuit in black which is very complimentary of her figure. The second image is a lace cover up dress which can be worn over any swimwear. Add a few accessories and its perfect for on the beach, late night holiday dinners, whatever you like!



The two dress looks for the video are a grecian goddess style white dress with beautiful blue pattern detail. This look is so elegant and classy. It just looks so simple and elegant. Minimal effort or all dolled up this look would be gorgeous! I love the colours of the second dress. The different coloured triangles of the skirt creating the pattern is just lovely and the simplicity of the top with the black boarders is great.



Miss Scherzinger has pulled off summer looks to perfection in this video and I love all of her looks and styles in it. They have such good range from casual to classy to swimwear to colourful and she pulls them all off so well. Make sure you all check out the official video for the track by clicking the link below!

Have a good week everyone xx – Nicole Scherzinger – Your Love

(Images collected from Instagram and link from Nicole Scherzinger Vevo on Youtube)


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