Dinner With A View

There has been a lot going on in the Atkinson household this week so we decided to go out and celebrate a few of them last night by going out to dinner with my Grandparents for a meal in The Europe Hotel and Resort in Killarney. There three things to celebrate from the last week and a bit and they were:

1. My Nanny’s 83rd birthday was on Thursday

2. My parents 23rd anniversary is today (Sunday 01/06)

3 and finally the return of their eldest child from college back to the nest a.k.a Me!

I had some difficulty deciding what to wear for the night I can tell you! It was one of those “I have nothing to wear” moments. More like an hour actually! But eventually I found an outfit worthy of wearing for the night.


So after about an hour of preparation we were all dressed up and heading out to The Europe. My mum had decided to get rid of a few tops earlier on in the week so I stole them before she had the chance to decide what to do with them! They are both from Zara and equally as nice! You can see my everyday wear one on Instagram from a couple of days ago. The other top I decided to wear for the night is my occasion wear top. It is crochet lace around the neck and the sleeve and the rest is chiffon. I love the detail on it and it is so elegant! I felt like I was channeling my inner Kim Kardashian bride! I styled it with my black Newlook highwaisted jeans and turned up the ankles. For footwear I went for my patent nude heels. I went for a simple hair and make up look with just a tight ponytail and loosely curled hair. I didn’t go mad with make up but I never normally do so no shocker there!




Our dinner was delicious as usual. My granddad ordered his usual fish and chips which was massive! No word of a lie the two pieces of fish could have fed about a hundred people and the chips were so thick you could build a house with them! It was delicious though and he ate almost all of it. He was defeated towards the end. My brother and dad had burgers which again came with industrial size chips and they both ate all of their meals. My mother had panfried monk fish which she said was gorgeous. My nanny and I both had West Cork Gubbeen Pasta which was Tagliatelle pasta with West Cork Gubbeen cheese, Salami and Chorizo. It was so good! It was a bit spicy but was still nice to eat and my nan I tried our best to finish it but it defeated us towards the end. The food as usual was really good! Our desserts where amazing too. I ordered a creme brulee which came with a mini milkshake and cookies. I cannot refuse a good creme brulee! My mother ordered an Eton Mess which was so big I am amazed so finished it. 




After our dinner in an attempt to work off the amount of food we had eaten we took a short walk in the grounds just outside. The grounds overlook the mountains and the lakes of Killarney. They look so pretty in the sunset and on a nice sunny day like yesterday. The clouds were low aswell so they were rolling down the mountains.







After our little walk we went home had a nice cup of tea and went straight to bed and because we had all eaten so much we slept like logs!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and as always let me know what you think! x


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