Away Attire

As we have entered into the official months of summer here in Ireland we are still waiting to have those hot and sunny days back that we had a couple weeks ago but for now we have to put up with the usual drizzle and dull weather. But for those of you who are lucky enough to be living in a permanently warm country or are getting the chance to go on holiday this summer (I’m so jealous of you guys!) this post is perfect for you! Here I will just be doing a post about some summer looks and where you can get them. 


  • First up we have we have a look based on Miss Cheryl Cole’s airport attire. This look is nice for traveling from a milder weather country to a hot destination because you can put a slightly oversized jumper on top before white you wait in the departure lounge and when you get there just take the jumper off! This look is easy to recreate (You can see this look in my Polyvore set Get The Look) You can find the grey skirt for €12 in River Island, The top is a simple white t-shirt which is available anywhere, You can get the blue stilettos at for €28 but if your traveling and dont have a handful of assistants like Miss Cole then might I suggest soma flat canvas shoes or sandals. You can get flat canvas shoes like these available in Newlook for €12. If you can have hand luggage then you can get this black bag for €24 at HM.Com but you can use any bag you like! 



  • Secondly casual holiday wear. Its your first day on holiday so before you hit the beach you want to explore the area a bit. Find out what shops are nearby, nice restaurants and just see what the area is like. You want something comfortable and cool so this look is perfect for a walk around the town, village or city you’re staying in or nearby to you. A playsuit is perfect for warm weather and looking good and staying cool while you wander about in the sun. This Black and White Embellished playsuit from River Island is perfect for just such a thing! Its isn’t too tight so the material flows and can breathe. It can be styled with simple things like again flat shoes like these Flat Lace Pumps again from Newlook. A simple chunky gold bracelet as an accessory with some sunglasses and you are good to go! 



  • Now its beach attire. Beach attire can be tricky depending on your body shape so here are a few choices. If you are not keen on getting your whole body out and feel a bikini isn’t for you I love this Topshop Blue Gingham Swimsuit! Its look vintage and it is so cute! It is available in stores now for €52. If you want to wear a bikini to work on that tan then this Missguided White Bandeau Bikini is perfect! The bra is strapless so that means no strap tan lines and no fiddling with halterneck knots. This little number is available at for €22 now



  • Lastly I will do a dinner posts. Thats what holidays are all about aren’t they? The sun, the sea, and food. Wether you’re dinning out with family or a special someone this is a perfect look. Its simple but classy looking. This is a photo I found on Tumblr as one of my many reblogs! This skirt is a simple pink chiffon side split skirt which you can replicate using this skirt for €69. Add a simple white string top and you have the perfect evening look! 



I hope you enjoyed my holiday look posts and found it even a bit helpful! Have a good week everyone x 

All images are collected from Tumblr/Polyvore. Prices may vary due to nations currency depending on where you are viewing this post from. 

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