Belami Rose

Belami Rose
I saw this dress in Miss Selfridge the other day and I instantly started thinking of ways to wear it! It is so elegant and pretty so I chose to use it as my first set in my new Debs Collection! I have kept it simple with accessories because I didn’t want them to overcrowd the dress or drown it out. I have chosen silver jewelry because it makes both the colours of the dress and jewelry stand out against each other. You could wear gold with it aswell but I thought it would distract from the overall look. I have chosen white strap heels and clutch with this because it is keeping the simplicity and elegance of the look. I like these shoes because they are plain and not too big. A normal platform stiletto shoe would look bulky and bug with this dress and would stand out too much. The hairstyle I have chosen is an updo look but I think any style hair will go nicely with this. Make up and nails I have kept fairly simple. The nails I found on Pinterest a while ago and people loved them on Tumblr! The make up is a classy look as its not over the top or too dramatic.

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