The Evolution Of Kim Kardashian

Since getting engaged to Kanye West earlier this year and having her baby girl North, Kim Kardashian seems to be more popular than ever! The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has had some high and low points over the last few years from her short marriage to Kris Humphries, The slagging of her pregnancy body from the media, the arrival of her daughter North and her engagement to Kanye West Kim has been in the public eye more then ever this year! In this post I’m going to go through Kim’s looks from over the years and see how much she has grown and changed in style, image and in her personal achievements over the years. The first picture is of Kim from series one of KUWTK. There are some obvious differences here from her more recent photos. Her face looks slightly more puffy then they do now but in a young way. Her hair is flatter and classically straight.  She has always played around with her hair adding volume, longer extensions, colour and different cuts. The second photo shows her with a new side fringe and side parting with lots of volume. Her lips in both these photos look natural and full and her nose is more natural looking too.

Image Image

The next photo shows a new style again in her hair and overall look. Her tan is darker and her hair is lighter. With a new full fringe and make up look featuring darker eyes and thicker lashes Kim shows off her assets here. Later on she hit the blonde bottle. Showing a more summery look with lighter hair and a natural tan. She looks completely different with these new locks and has completely moved away from her black hair.


Skipping a few years now to Kim’s pregnancy. She and Kanye and expecting their first child together while she is still going through a long divorce process with husband of 72 days Kris Humphries. At the start of her pregnancy Kim kept to her regular style of pencil skirts and tight dresses with heels. Kim got a lot of stick from the media about her pregnancy body referring to her weight and at one point it even making a reference to Shamoo the whale. Personally I think it was ridiculous because after all she was pregnant and if going through all that change for the first time isn’t hard enough having the whole world point out your looks cant help! Through out her pregnancy Kim moved into more comfy pregnancy looks like this green maxi dress showing off her new bump. The last photo was for a magazine shoot proving that even though she was pregnant she still looked gorgeous!


Post pregnancy looks now and Kim came back with a bang! Eager to prove to the world that she was happy with her body and getting back to her old self she stepped out with a new head of blonde short locks and some revealing outfits. You can see how to recreate her Denim look on Evanna Lily and on my Polyvore in the Collection Get The Look


Lately she has been in a very good colour palette featuring lots of pastels and different colours. She has gone back to her pencil skirt and crop top ways


Her most recent look involves her going back to brunette but keeping the short length. She has moved towards side split maxi skirts a little more like this look she wore to singer Ciara’s baby shower. Kim has stated though she regrets leaving the blonde behind.


One thing has whipped everyone into a frenzy and divided most of the world is Kim and Kanye’s Vogue article. It has some amazing looking shots including family photos with North which Kim posted to Instagram as a sneek peek.Image


I hope you all enjoyed my Kim Kardashian post! x

(Images collected from Google Images)



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