College Look

College Look
So this is as near to as my normal everyday college look as I can recreate online right now! As most of my clothes are from Pennys they are not available online so here is as close to my outfit as I could get. What I normally do with my blue skinny jeans if I’m wearing my heeled chelsea boots is turn up the ankle once or twice so that they aren’t in the shoe or catching on the backs etc. This just gives it a street styley, boyfriend jean type of look. My scarf is an old one from H&M its a knitted one and its multicoloured knit so it practically goes with everything and its so comfy. My white jumper is oversized by about two sizes so its not tight or clingy it has baggyness to it and is cosy and roomy. This also means it hangs over the jeans just the right amount. I will do an Instagram picture tomorrow of my actual outfit so you can all see what I am talking about but for now you will just have to visualise with this.

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