New Years Style

Heres a post featuring my outfit from the New Year celebrations. It was only family around so I didn’t get too dolled up for the occasion as I would if there were other people around. So I styled my black pencil skirt with a simple loose chiffon top tucked in. Its nicer when you tuck it in because it just hangs over the waist of the skirt and looks slimming. The ankle boots went well because they’re black and also because they don’t make it look like I’m at an office do. A big chunky necklace goes well with these types of looks as they balance it out and add a bit of glamour. I also wore my NewLook flower ring to keep in with big jewelry. I wore these overlapping hoop earrings that my brother gave me for Christmas which add a glamorous touch to it along with the necklace. Finally my make up look. I will upload a picture with just my make up but first an overview. This years Make Up features my ever trust worthy L’Oreal BB foundation and some new EyeLure lashes. Stay tuned! Image

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