Work Experience

The last couple of weeks I have been completing my work experience twice a week in Oasis clothing store and I loved every minute of it! I finished yesterday with the experience of getting to help with a window display. The theme is A Spoonful Of Sugar and it involves lace items that are coming in for the Christmas holidays but first I will start at the beginning. I started my work experience on a Saturday morning and my first job was to work on the fitting rooms helping people with sizes and keeping the place tidy and come 11 o clock in the morning it got very busy! Throughout the day I learnt a great deal of things including the organisation of the stock room, the layout of the shop floor and of course the lovely staff members. By the end of the day I was able to go to the register and check the stock amounts of items on the computer and fully aware of where every item was and this helped me clear the fitting rooms Unwanted Items rail quickly. The manager was so nice and very helpful in making sure I knew what I was doing and that if I had any questions just to let her know. On  my third day I steamed and unwrapped new stock and I learnt that this is really important otherwise the clothes are not presentable and look untidy and steaming helps to get rid of any creases or lines in the piece as this happens when they are being delivered. I also got to clean the mannequins bases and the display shelves as it is important that the shop is kept to a high standards of clean for customers and inspectors. On my fourth day I interacted with customers more asking them if they needed anything and collecting things for them from the stock room. My fifth and final day was the cherry on top. I got to help with the window display and I loved it! I learnt how to dismantle the mannequins and how they have an outfit guide as to what needs to be sold this month. This was the perfect way to end my work experience and I am really going to miss it. I had such fun and the girls were so nice. I recommend that you all of you young fashionies out there should get work experience as it is a great learning excercise. Image

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