Tulisa’s Look Book 2013

Last night I saw a post from Tulisa on her new look on Instagram and as usual she looks amazing.  So I decided to do a little collage of her looks from this year and she has had a few this year! The latest one sees her blonde locks back but they are much better then her back to blonde attempt on the X-Factor last year. I feel that last years blonde was an odd colour for her and it looked a but tacky but this new shade suits her perfectly. It makes the blue of her eyes stand out as well! Her favorite colour this year though was the light caramel brown with highlights. It gave her a glossy, hollywood look and made her look a little like Angelina Jolie in the middle photo on the bottom row. This was nice break from her change between blonde and black hair as she looked more sophisticated and was something different. I like the fact she went away from her long waist length locks and removed her extensions for a while and just went for a simple bob cut. It suited the shape of her face and was a nice short change from the long extensions she normally has in. After a couple weeks though the bob was gone and the long caramel locks were back. But her latest look is possibly my favorite. It kinda brings you back to the N-Dubz days but grown up. Which one do you guys like best? Image

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