Basic Info

Welcome to BASIC by Lily

I created this blog (as Evanna Lily) in 2013 as a fashion retail student to be able to share my love for fashion and style and over the years it has branched out into homeware, interiors and beauty as well as a few other things and has had a few different looks and layouts over time but one thing that has remained the same is all the products I post are affordable. So I hope that you leave my blog feeling inspired to look and feel your best but on a basic budget.

I myself am a pretty basic girl who lives a pretty basic life. I wear pretty basic simple make up and hair, basic everyday fashion without it being unpractical from high-street basic brands and have a basic day to day lifestyle working in retail. So my aim for BASIC by Lily is to help you find that amazing shoe, dress, bag, chair or even something as small as a hair slide that looks designer but on a basic everyday budget with a few stories and happenings from my basic life thrown in.

Thank you for coming to the BASIC by Lily blog